One morning Gothamist woke up with dreams of walking into the sunset with a taco in one hand and a Corona in the other. Thank goodness for friends who organize fabulously economical taco crawls, and doubly so for the welcoming dive bars of Sunset Park, a neighborhood still scant of those Williamsburg Hipsters and Park Slope yuppies. Take the N/R to 59th street in Brooklyn and follow this route for an afternoon of sure-fire and filling fun:

-- Start at Irish Haven, corner of 4th Ave and 58th street. A dark, divey bar with $3 pints of Schaefer's beer.
-- First taco at Aquila Restaurant on 57st between 4th Ave and 5th Ave. Small bar, loud jukebox, and fully stuffed tacos. Highly recommend the "al pastor" (spicy pork) or steak tacos.
-- Bar with no name (neon Bud sign in window), northeast corner of 5th Ave and 57th Street. Dive bar! Baby buds, and friendly locals eager to strike up a chat.
-- Rico's Tacos, 51st Street at 5th Ave. Grab an outdoor table if you can, and a banana, mango, or guava shake. Tacos are tiny, but amply flourished with lime and radishes. Tip: order the "especial" tacos for "regular" size.
-- Campirana Mexican Bar, 5th Ave between 39th and 40th. Dark, slightly pricier drinks, but on the parade route nonetheless.
-- Stop at a street stand for some mango on a stick or cup of shaved coconut ice.
-- Tacos 2004, 5th Ave and 39th St. Scantily dressed waitresses serve conically shaped very delicious tacos. A perfect place to end the night.

Of course, Gothamist encourages you to explore the myriad other taco joints in the neighborhood, taste the taquitos and the tortas, and revel in all of the glory that is Sunset Park.

Special thanks to coolfer and therealjanelle for the taco crawl itinerary.