The Chocolate RoomWhen we're in the mood for chocolate indulgence, we like to head over to The Chocolate Room in Park Slope.

Each dessert meal begins with an amuse of Valrhona sorbet. It finally convinced us of what Alice Medrich has been saying all along, that chocolate desserts are much more intense without dairy around to muddy the flavor.

As you can see, we couldn't even resist the sorbet long enough to take a picture first.

We have begged and pleaded for the recipe, and tried to recreate it at home with only partial success, but again and again they tell us that the recipe is a secret until they finally get around to writing a cookbook.

The other desserts are worthwhile, too. We're addicted to the brownie sundae with homemade Sumatran coffee ice cream, with whipped cream, cocoa nibs, and a cherry on top. We were less impressed by the black bottom butterscotch custard, but that may just be due to our intermittent dislike of coconut.

The wine list is a joy to dessert wine lovers like ourselves. The chocolate port is seriously chocolatey without being cloying, and we've rarely come across the ice wine that we didn't like. Each dessert has a suggested booze pairing, and they haven't led us wrong yet.

The specials are come and go. We are not overawed by a special of chocolate cake, but we were thrilled by the recent special of homemade banana rum ice cream sandwiches.

It's a great neighborhood joint, cozy without being obnoxiously small, and a wonderful place to woo your favorite chocoholic by candlelight.

The Chocolate Room, 86 5th Avenue in Park Slope. (718) 783-2900