Though New York pizza purists may scorn the chewy crust, the franchising, and that the flavors include "Hawaiian," "Greek," and "Bar-B-Cue Chicken," Singas Pizza, a 40-year old New York pizza chain with Greek origins in Elmhurst, Queens, offers a tasty product at wallet-friendly prices. Pizzas are cooked in shallow cast-iron pans, creating an oddly nostalgic Pizza Hut-like aroma, and depending on the Singas you visit, it's either take-out, sit-down, or table-service.

Gothamist stopped by one of the newest spots on 2nd Avenue to see how this locally franchised pizza fared in comparison to some of our favorites. Honestly, it's simply a different product and not the place if you're looking for classic New York thin crust. Or, even for a sicilian pie. However, with a thicker, chewy crust, hearty offerings of flavors and toppings (including bacon, cauliflower, potato, hamburger, and also offering wings, flatbread sandwiches griddled in the oven, Singas is a convenient place for a quick, casual dinner. Catering to the neighborhood, the 2nd Avenue location plans to add table-service and secure a liquor license in upcoming months. Until then, stop in, and grab a bite.

Singas Famous Pizza is located at 176 Second Avenue between 10th & 11th Streets. (212) 253-7300.