In February 2005, the first Pinkberry opened on a quiet street in West Hollywood by 32-year old Korean entrepreneur Hyekyung (Shelly) Hwang. The frozen yogurt fiends came in droves, forced the LAPD to write 1,000 parking tickets because the store's neighbors couldn't find a place to put their cars amidst the visitors' SUVs, and now Hwang has signed more than thirty leases for yet-to-be-opened Pinkberry stores around the country.

Often hailed as "crackberry," the craze is for a chilly treat made of real frozen yogurt--slightly tangy, slightly salty, and ringing in at a mere 20 calories per ounce. The yogurt comes in two and only two flavors, plain and green tea, and assorted toppings from fresh fruit to cap'n crunch are available for 95-cents apiece.

New York's first Pinkberry opened last week so Gothamist decided to get in on the addiction and headed up to the storefront on 32nd Street, in the heart of Koreatown. A sleek green-and-blue striped facade opens up to a minimal, but design saavy interior decorated with Le Klint hanging lamps, Phillippe Starck chairs, and a few potted plants that look like welcome gifts from the Korean neighbors.

We ordered a plain yogurt topped with raspberries, which rang in at a wallet-busting $4.23 for a small. Slightly icy and distinctly sour, we liked the subtle sweetness and the fresh fruit mix-ins. The price, however, leaves a bit to be justified and like others chatting on the chowhound board, we are hoping the inconsistent serving sizes, stingy fruit portions, and suspiciously empty vibe are early bumps in the road that will clear up as New Yorkers discover the yogurt's drug-like reputation. New stores are also slated to open soon on the Upper East Side, Chelsea, and in Nolita.

Pinkberry is located at 7 W. 32nd Street (near 5th Avenue), 212-695-9631