As summer conjures up visions of backyard gardens and long afternoons lounging outdoors, Boerum Hill's Pacifico, a Tex-Mex style self-labled "glorified taco stand" offers a double whammy: a front yard deck & a big backyard. Strung with colored Christmas lights year-round, umbrellas shelter diners on a large front-porch like dining ground while inside, dim lighting and candles accentuate tiled countertops and large, colorful murals. Gothamist recommends starting off with the Queso Fundido, a hot skillet of melted Monterey Jack, cortija, and carmelized onions that comes with a basket of tortilla chips, stiffer than fondue, but equally as addictive. For the cheese-phobic, try the chunky onion and tomato laden guacamole, which comes in ample servings with a heaping side of chips.

The "taco stand" section of the menu lets you choose your favorite: tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, or enchiladas, each which comes with a choice of filling ranging from mixed vegetables to grilled steak to Gothamist's preference, the pork carnitas (pulled pork marinated in Coca-Cola). Casually served in baskets, servings are ample, oozing with excess cheese and fillings.

Less than authentic, but more than enjoyable, Pacifico -- built on an old parking lot and owned by Jimmy Marmary of Patois, Schnack, and the Gowanus Yacht Club -- is all-seasons fun for grilled pork ribs, too many watermelon margaritas, and kicking back with friends. Tasty, but often forgivably inauthentic food is often masked by a perfectly good time.

Pacifico is located 269 Pacific St. between Smith St. & Boerum Place. (718) 935-9090.