Landmarc is the latest restaurant to open at the Time Warner Center, thankfully providing an affordable option to TWC visitors who want to sit down for a casual meal without waiting in line at the basement Whole Foods or the neighboring Bouchon Bakery.



Both breakfast and lunch are served from 7 AM to 4 PM every day of the week. Want to start off your morning with a hamburger? Do it. Our friend Tina chomped through her medium rare burger on a grilled, salt-sprinkled brioche bun at 10 AM. We tried a small bite and felt like we might explode from the intense meat density of the juicy, but not overly so, patty. Make sure your stomach has plenty of room before digging into this burger.


The accompanying fries did not propel us into fried-potato-stick heaven, but they were very enjoyable. We are pretty much addicted to anything that's crispy and salty .



The croque monsieur was another meat filled belly-buster, seemingly encasing a baby pig's worth of ham underneath a thick blanket of melted gruyere cheese on top of a thick, chewy slice of grilled country bread. A small bite of this meat-ilicious sandwich was enough to satiate any cravings for ham and cheese we may have had, or will have in the future for the next year or so. As a testament to the tastiness of the pile of bread, pork and cheese, our friend Kay impressively polished off the whole sandwich without any complaints of indigestion.

Our scrambled egg, smoked mozzarella and sauteed onion sandwich on an English muffin with a side of hash browns was surprisingly un-photogenic compared to the other dishes. Thankfully the messy pile of scrambled eggs embedded with sweet softened onions and smoky slabs of mozzarella tasted better than it looked and was gentler on our tummy than the hamburger or the croque monsieur in size and composition. The hash browns would've tasted better had they been less greasy, but we ate it all anyway because we're damned for liking fried potato in all its forms.

We were planning to get desserts, but our check was automatically brought to the table after our plates were cleared. Eating hamburgers and croque monsieurs for breakfast is acceptable, but not dessert? We'll have to visit again later and see if we can change that.

Landmarc is located at the Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor. 212-823-6123