Je' Bon, a new noodle shop on the stretch of St. Mark's Place between 2nd & 3rd Aves opened yesterday to a slow, but steady crowd making their way through the sidewalk's slush. Offering a smattering of Asian noodle & noodle soup dishes with Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, and Chinese inspiration among others, Je 'Bon has the casual Asian fast-food feel of Union Square's Republic, with a kitchen exposed through clear glass, and a still-developing clientele. An appetizer size of vegetable tempura came lightly fried and flavorful, while vegetable dumplings with a mushroom and cabbage filling were tasty though over-steamed. The waitstaff was almost uncomfortably attentive, but given a little time to get their own groove, Je'Bon may find its own noodly niche.

Je'Bon is located at 15 St. Mark's Place and open daily until midnight.