Anyone who is gelato-crazy has already been to the Upper West Side to visit Grom, the latest location of the Italian gelateria that opened a month ago. Some of us have already been, but others only first visited this past Tuesday. Not because we don't love gelato as though it were our own child (a tasty, tasty child), but because we're lazy.


Most of our friends gave us the impression that Grom's gelato would make our head explode with deliciousness. Our first bite of the super creamy, naturally brownish-green colored pistachio (our favorite gelato flavor) surprised us with an intense, not too sweet roasted pistachio flavor. We don't predict that we'll be up shaking in the middle of the night due to the insatiable craving for pistachio gelato, but this was one of the best versions we've ever had. The cinnamon gelato also packed a a similar flavor punch, as though we were tasting cinnamon for the first time and all previous experiences of supposedly eating something cinnamon flavored were lies, all lies.

Although we considered getting a medium cup assuming we'd want to eat a lot of the gelato if it were indeed mindblowingly awesome, we exhibited a smidgeon of restraint and went with a small instead. We're happy with the choice, as it was mainly the first few bites that really packed the flavor punch, after which your taste buds get tired.

Grom is located at 2165 Broadway (at 76th Street). 646-290-7233