When Fish Tail Restaurant replaced the now defunct Tab Tos in October, the East Village mourned the loss of a tiny-if-not-charming ten seat sushi joint with notoriously brusk service, but reputably fresh fish--some of the best in the city. Fish Tail, changing little about Tab Tos' sparse decor (and even now failing to replace the old health inspection sign) does little to salvage the locale as a sushi hotspot.

The new menu serves basic sushi and sashimi, a selection of vegetable rolls, soups, and side dishes (edamame, spicy seaweed, chicken or vegetable gyoza, or seaweed salad) for $3.00 - 4.50. Salads are the highlight of the menu if there is one, the salmon salad with spicy onion dressing paying homage to a similar salad at the former Tab Tos. Fish Tail specials, which come with a choice of salad or soup dare to adventure to salmon and tuna box sushi, shrimp tempura rolls, and spicy lobster, but compared to the myriad sushi venues available in the East Village, pickings are slim and cuts not worth bragging about.

Gothamist joins the ranks of mourners in confirming that Tab Tos as we knew it is really long gone. Fish Tail occupies its quaint former space, but we think we'll go elsewhere.

Fish Tail is located at 543 East 5th street (between Avenue A & B). (212) 529-2156.