All the buzz surrounding Cookshop, Chelsea's newly ordained bringer of farm fresh, local, and sustainable foods, had Gothamist anxious to get inside with our camera. Sure enough, we got a peak at the space before crowd started flowing in for dinner, catching a glimpse at the firewood beneath the oven, waiters filling miniature dishes with coarsely ground salt for the tables, and new flowers being placed in fresh water and crystal clear vases. Owned by the husband-wife team of Vicki Freeman and Marc Meyer -- the same brains behind Gothamist favorite and the downtown crowd-pleasing Five Points, Cookshop brings grass-fed meats, Montauk squid, and an abundance of seasonal fruits and veggies to your table, with a chalkboard on the northern wall offering a list of the restaurant's favorite farmers. A cozy bar up front is perfect for a glass of wine while you wait for a table; floor-to-ceiling glass easily lets you peer out on the neighborhood as passerby eagerly look in. Open a scant week and a half, Cookshop is still finding its rythym, but in the meantime Gothamist recommends picking up the phone and securing a reservation while you still can.

Cookshop is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. 156 10th Ave. (@ 20th St.), 212-924-4440.