A cross between a cafe, bakery, market, and gourmet takeout shop, Clinton Hill's Choice Market is one of those places which, once discovered, you're not quite sure how you lived without. Baskets of flaky croissants, raisin danish, and turnovers grace the window, and upon stepping inside – where a single communal table littered with the day's newspapers can can cause labyrinthine lines – you will also find luscious-looking scones (the orange chocolate is a must-have), muffins, cannisters full of cookies and brownies, delicious doggy biscuits, and loaves of crusty, artisanal bread.

On the opposite side of the register, the counters continue, showcasing red velvet cupcakes and fresh fruit cobbler, and cakes for any occasion. And savory has as much a place here as sweet, with a full gamut of sandwiches, salads, and roasts also cooking in the open kitchen.


Breakfast is prime time at Choice Market and eggs come in dozens of iterations that ask you to venture away from your usual greasy deli-style bacon, egg, and American cheese. Try your eggs on a croissant, on olive bread, with brie or cheddar or turkey bacon, with smoked salmon, ham, or topped with their garlic-y sauteed spinach. Order an omelette to stay and it comes with freshly spiced home fries, beautiful baguette toast, a salad, and a hefty serving of eggs for $5.95.

Choice Market's many offerings are so colorful, fresh, and appealing to the eye you'll find yourself, mid-meal, deciding what you'll order the next time – perhaps the salmon burger, the tilapia sandwich, the roasted leg of lamb, or the wonderful grilled hanger steak with chimichurri sauce.

Choice Market is located at 318 Lafayette Avenue (at Grand Ave), 718-230-5234. Open daily, 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.