Brick Oven Gallery is the kind of laid-back off-Bedford Ave. pizza joint that makes the perfect start for a night out in Williamsburg. Situated on an otherwise-residential block of Havermeyer Street (between N. 7th & N. 8th), Brick Oven Gallery is a one room pizza parlor with a century-old brick oven that pumps out superbly thin pies with myriad toppings. An outdoor garden sits at the back of a lot and provides less ambiance then a chance to spend one of these recent fall-like nights outdoors enjoying the cool air. The menu offers varied options, especially for a pizza parlor--with a number of house pastas and paninis for the pizza averse. That said, pizza is expectedly the star of the show, so why go otherwise?

Gothamist started with the gallery's famous "brooklyn caviar," a chunky eggplant based spread with lots of garlic, roasted red pepper, and olive oil, which came with a side of light pita-like bread. Salads are basic and big enough to serve two--or three: caesar, mesclun, mixed green, and arugula are uninspired, but fresh and perfect if you are just hankering for your dose of greens.

The "authentic Naples pizza" ranges from $8 - 13 for everything from the margherita to the Tartufo Bianco (goat cheese, wild mushrooms & truffle oil, no sauce). Jillie's special is topped with sausage, sun-dried tomato & extra mozzarella, and of course you can mix and match ingredients as you'd like from a laundry list of about 20 meats, veggies, and extra cheeses. Gothamist opted "Peter's Favorite" -- a pie topped with raw arugula, prosciutto & shaved parmigiano, a good mix of bitter greens with salty meat balanced out by the pizza sauce. One pie is really only big enough for one hungry eater, though two can share if you throw in an appetizer and a salad.

Brick Oven Gallery is located at 33 Havermeyer Street (between N. 7th & N. 8th), Brooklyn. 718-963-0200.