Korean fried chicken joint Bon Chon looks out of place on the second floor of an otherwise food-less building, even more so when you step out of the elevator and are met with dance music -- so loud that you have to shout in order to be heard by the person next to you -- in an environment that seems better fit for a trendy bar, not a restaurant. This place specializes in fried chicken? Ohhhhh yes.


Bon Chon's fried chicken is addictively good; the consumption is only slowed down by having to ease the burning pain of the spicy sauce, a problem that may be avoided by having all the pieces flavored with soy garlic sauce instead. Each piece features crispy, paper thin, non-greasy skin covering tender juicy meat that is easily devoured off the bone -- quite a feat for us, since we have a history of being unable to lick our chicken bones clean.


We had no problem eating every bit of non-bone chicken matter at Bon Chon. Somehow eating a pile of chicken wings and drumsticks didn't make much of an impact on our belly (for now, we're ignoring the impact on our health). We shared a large assorted place with two other friends, but think we may have been able to eat the entire plate if given the chance.


Although there are other foods on the menu, it's best to stick with the fried chicken. An $8 plate of fries that more resembled soft potato wedges disappointed our expectation for crispy potato sticks. We can't imagine what the fries would taste like if they were as good as the fried chicken, but it's probably best that Bon Chon specializes in one thing.

Bon Chon is located at 314 5th Ave, 2nd Floor, at 32nd Street. (212) 221-2222