If the rows of freshly baked bread in Big Booty Bread Co's window don't catch your eye, the drawing of a young male baker happily sticking his bum out as he holds out a steaming loaf of bread probably will. We were enticed by both.


The bakery mainly specializes in sweets, such as booty buns (mildly sweet soft buns filled with nutella, dulce de leche, or strawberry and cream cheese), cookies, scones, cupcakes, turnovers and cakes. For something non-sweet they have bread in roll and loaf form and cheese-flavored bread buns. They also offer hot and cold sandwiches in case you want something more substantial (not that we wouldn't want to eat a meal of cookies and cupcakes; we just don't think our body would enjoy the sugar rush).


Alright, maybe a grilled cheese sandwich isn't very substantial in the nutrition department, but it's warm, gooey and filling, aka "makes our belly happy." This would be better with a different kind of cheese or maybe an additional one that wasn't fluorescent, but the soft, thick, just slightly chewy white bread tasted like the mattresses of angels. Because for some reason we imagine that everything in heaven is edible and delicious, and if we were an angel we'd want to sleep on a thick slice of white bread that was both baby-soft and study enough to provide back support. Or, in the case of eating, mouth support.


We felt similarly about the tomato and mozzarella sandwich; the filling was alright—we would've welcomed the inclusion of basil—but the bread was the star.



Our favorite sweets are the chocolate chip cookies. One is triple chocolate chip while the other is regular chocolate chip. The regular chocolate chip cookie is about the size of a small, very flat moon evenly speckled with little chocolate chips. The triple chocolate chip doesn't have as large of a diameter but it has larger chunks of chocolate that, we assume from the name, comes in three flavors. We could only discern two—regular and hazelnut—but we'd happily eat another one (or three) of the moist, fresh-from-the-oven soft cookies to find out if there is a third flavor.

Big Booty Bread Co is located at 261 W 23rd St (between 7th and 8th Aves). (212) 414-3056