Although we were recently told that wine is the solution to skin cancer, it now appears that coffee might be the cure, too. Which means that all of our favorite vices are finally paying off!

According to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists have discovered how caffeine can protect against certain skin cancers by changing sun-damaged cell's gene activity. Rutgers University scientist Allan Conney exposed mice with caffeine-enhanced genes to UV lights, and learned that the caffeinated mice developed less tumors. "All of this suggests the possibility that caffeine, possibly [applied to the skin], would have an inhibitory effect on sunlight-induced skin cancer," said Conney.

But before you start chugging those espressos, be warned: other scientists point out that Conney's study only examined caffeine's effect when it's applied directly to the skin, not ingested. "It didn't look at the effects of drinking coffee, so doesn't tell us whether or not this could reduce the risk of skin cancer," one spoilsport researcher told the Guardian. But pay no heed to the pale-skinned buzzkills: we'll take Conney's findings, paired with these ones, and see you in the park, shirtless and fidgety. [Via The Awl]