A month ago we learned that the scenester Nolita club La Esquina had opened up a new place in what used to be the unassuming local Williamsburg favorite Relish. But the opening was only partial—while the "diner" and the "more intimate" back room had opened, the Taqueria and Garden have now opened for business. The hours are noon to midnight for the self-service in the Taqueria, and 6 p.m. to midnight for full table service in the garden. We're told that for table service, the full main "diner" menu is also available.

We still haven't checked it out, but if Relish had to go, it's good that this beautiful old chrome railcar-style diner wasn't torn down to build condos. Sure, most of the clientele for (deep breath) the Café de La Esquina Taqueria and Garden will likely come from the condos that loom up along the waterfront, but you wouldn't have these people starve, would you? Judging by this menue, they'll have plenty to choose from:


225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, (718) 393-5500