Since opening over the summer, gourmet fast food vegan spot by Chloe has been perennially mobbed, proof of its status as one of the best new restaurants to open this year. Now that they have a proven hit on their hands, owners chef Chloe Coscarelli and ESquared Hospitality are expanding, with a new shop opening next year in SoHo.

Bowery Boogie spotted signage for the new location at 240 Lafayette Street, the site of a former frozen yogurt shop. The death of one trend giving life to another. Fitting! This is the second of what's expected to be a larger by Chloe presence in NYC and perhaps on a national scale.

The blossoming chainlet has gotten tons of buzz for its Guac Burger, which Quick Bites columnist Scott Lynch dubs "definitely the best veggie/vegan burger I've ever had." Even more virtuous options like their Kale Caesar are touched with something special in the form of their addictive mushroom "bacon."