wine server.jpgExperience has taught us many things. The L train will usually be late; cart meat tastes yummy only the first time around (ewww…too far?); and buying wine by the bottle is usually better - in value and taste - than wine by the glass.

Of course there are exceptions to the rules, but our experience of drinking our way around Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn and Queens (well, just the beer garden but we’re pretty sure that counts) is that ordering wine by the glass is like ordering your steak well-done - ruining a beautiful thing. What this comes down to is a time game – wine, like a flower, starts to wilt when it is opened. Yes, there are fancy devices that increase the longevity of the wine but the reality of the matter is you can’t stop Mother Nature from running its course. The other problem when ordering wine by the glass is that, particularly with red wines, it is served too warm. This wine is usually stored behind the bar basking in the warmth and being handled a million times. Red wine should not be served at 75 degrees; it loses the fruit notes and character that actually make it worth $8 a glass.

The best advice we can offer is buy the bottle. Even the cheapest wine on the list is usually more pleasing than the wines by the glass…and the best part…you can bring home whatever you don’t finish. A recent law that was passed allows consumers to bring home any unconsumed wine in a one-time use bag. But who are we kidding, leftover wine? We wish.

For affordable and fabulous wine by the bottle selections check out Spigolo on 2nd Ave at 81st. The food was amazing – but when paired with a Nero D’Avola for only $34…a transcending experience.