Like crabs and discounts? Sure you do! Well, pull out your calendar, we've got a crab deal for you; you'll just have to wait to take advantage of it. See, the Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Feast that rocked 11th Avenue last September is coming back for another go round next year, and right now they are selling 200 (and only 200) crazy three-day passes to the event for just $75 bucks.

According to the organizers, "The three day pass gains you access to ALL the 2012 seatings you can handle, including a headlining band which is to be announced at a later date. This dinner will give our participants an exclusive taste at the Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Feast." This year's feast runs from September 7-9. You can get your pass right here. For comparison, a single day ticket last year cost $118.

So, now that you've gone and bought yourself a pass, we can get to the real reason we're telling you this: as an excuse to run some good old fashioned food porn. Mmmmmm, Maryland crabs.