The well-regarded and homey Carroll Gardens restaurant Buttermilk Channel was broken into sometime last night. Owner Doug Crowell was contacted by his security alarm company at 5:30 a.m. and arrived at the scene to find nothing stolen or vandalized. This year has been marked by a spree of overnight restaurant robberies in Manhattan, and post-closure B&Es seem to be on the rise in Brooklyn as well: last month Papacito's in Greenpoint was robbed of $10,000 a few hours after the final enchilada of the night was served. In Carroll Gardens, Ackerman, Buttermilk Channel's mascot goldfish (right), has long left the building (in an All Goldfish Go to Heaven kind of way), so it is thought there are no reliable witnesses to the incident at this time. Buttermilk Channel owner Doug Crowell recently tweeted that he was still "waiting for detectives to come" to take some fingerprints, but in the meantime, has been "eating some Cato Corner cheeses" to pass the time.