First kids got wasted off of Vodka Eyeballing, then they chugged Four Lokos, and along the way they injected themselves with Spaghetti Tacos—and now comes the latest iteration of those disgusting ways to get yourself wasted in the most awkward manner possible: butt chugging! For when your mouth just isn't fast enough!

Butt chugging is in the news because a 20-year-old University of Tennessee student was rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning after he and his fellow frat members had allegedly conducted “alcohol enemas." That involved them pouring wine through a rubber tube inserted into their rectums. “The abundance of capillaries and blood vessels [in the rectum] greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the blood stream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver,” police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said in a statement.

Alexander Broughton's blood alcohol level was "well over" 0.40 percent when he was brought to the hospital. His frat, Pi Kappa Alpha, has been suspended for 30 days while the incident is investigated: “Although these activities are isolated to a small group of individuals, the Fraternity recognizes that this is an opportunity to increase the public’s awareness of what appears to be an unfortunate and extremely dangerous practice by some young people today,” they said in a statement.

In the wake of the press furor over butt chugging, Broughton's father, Mark Broughton, claims law enforcement's characterization of the incident has been overblown: "The incident as reported is not true in its entirety," he said. "There is significantly erroneous information out there and it has come from the Knoxville Police Department." He's not denying that SOME sort of butt chugging occurred though: "I'm not saying the entire story is false — it's not. But portions of it were significantly erroneous."

We took a glance at YouTube to get a better idea of this butt chugging phenomenon (which has been whispering about across the internet for some time now), and it ain't pretty. Go ahead and watch the videos below (mostly SFW) if you want the visceral experience. Watching these videos, one realizes it's only a matter of time before some kid takes shoving alcohol up their butt to the next level, and tries smoking crack cocaine through their anus.

But hey, at least it amused Anderson Cooper!