While hustling to turn a 200 lbs. hog into 600 pork tacos at 3rd Ward's Pig Roast and Dance Party Sunday, Brooklyn butcher Tom Mylan cut off the tip of his finger and had to go to the hospital. According to his Facebook page, he's sorry he "bled everywhere. Pig roast 4 Eva." This was later followed by another update: "Stop freaking out. I just cut the tip of my finger off chopping up roasted pig. NBFD." (Knowing Mylan, he probably thinks that acronym stands for No Butcher Fears Death.)

Of course, "Butcher Cuts Self" isn't exactly news, but this is: From his pig roast station, Mylan announced on Sunday, "I'm quitting! I gave my notice two weeks ago. I'm moving on to start a new entity." The revelation that Mylan will quit the Diner/Bonita/Marlow & Sons & Daughters empire comes just days after it was announced that the Bedford Avenue Bonita will close next month. It's also come to light that the founding chef of the Diner/Marlow & Sons family, Caroline Fidanza, is leaving to start her own restaurant. Is there trouble in paradise? To further mystify things, a commenter is spreading the rumor that the other Bonita location in Fort Greene will close to become another branch of Marlow & Sons!

As for Mylan, he's being tight-lipped about his new enterprise, but tells Fork in the Road, "I've been working for five years at Diner and Marlow & Sons... & Daughters. I've been editing the magazine, doing the cheese program. It's a long time to be in one place. I have nothing but positive feelings for everyone who works there and the owners. But I got an opportunity to do my own thing."