Last week the State Liquor Authority sent undercover agents to 212 bodegas and found that it's pretty sweet being underage in NYC, as plenty of stores don't card for alcohol. 123 bodegas, or 58 percent of those tested in the sting, had no problem slinging suds to whoever. But now, the busted bodega owners are crying foul, alleging that the SLA hasn't contacted them as required by law. "They are supposed to tell us right away," said one bodega owner in Bed-Stuy tells the Daily News, "I am going to fight this. I am going to court. I don't believe this." Believe it, buddy. But blame the media!

Another clerk claims the SLA wasn't truthful when conducting the sting: "We never sell to minors, ever. We ask for ID— always. They are lying." Wait, wasn't there a Tom Hanks movie about this? The results of the SLA's operation have even attracted the attention of the Bodega Association of the United States, whose spokesman said, "We have to face this crisis head-on," presumably as several cats lounged at his feet.