Two "businessmen" spent more on two bottles of wine at the 21 Club than the annual income of a couple on the poverty line. According to a receipt obtained by the Post, the guests doubled down on the Petrus '82, "the world's rarest and most expensive Bordeaux vintage." Phil Pratt, the restaurant's wine director, says that the restaurant has sold a total of 9 bottles in three decades. "The gentleman knew what he was ordering. It was a little strange, especially when one of the guys was drinking coffee throughout the meal too," Pratt said. "But I don't judge." Rich people: scratch the 21 Club off the list of places that won't blab to a daily about your meal.

Also, if you spend over $18,000 at the 21 Club (including $400 on gratuity!) apparently all they'll do is give you free cookies. Then again, at $8,320 a bottle, the restaurant is cutting you a pretty sweet deal.

You can read the Post's breathless play-by-play of the dinner, but it's unclear if the men melted into a pile of bones and dust, which is normally what happens when you drink really old, gnarly wine.