When Bushwick's King Noodle opened on Flushing Avenue two years ago, it was like dining inside an under-the-sea LSD hallucination, with neon lights, disco balls and plenty of mirrors to reflect and bounce the light around the small dining room. If not a relaxed dining experience, it was at least a unique one, with tiki drinks, mai tais and flaming Scorpion Bowls greatly enhancing the surreality.

But the stonerifc foods, like Kimchi Carbonara topped with crumbled Doritos or the Fried Rice studded with Spam, didn't quite live up to the sum of their parts; same with portions sizes and price tags, with small dishes running in the double digits. Luckily, the restaurant has undergone a complete transformation, with a brand-new decor and a menu to match.

(Nell Casey/Gothamist)

The new menu skews Southeast Asian with a particular focus on noodles and street foods, including several types of meat skewers and crunchy fried nuts with chili, garlic and lime. Of the entrees—which are now of a more robust size—we particularly loved the Spicy Coconut-Braised Chicken ($15) and the Coconut Rice Bowl ($13). The former arrives in a giant bowl with a steaming laksa-style broth and chewy egg noodles topped with more fried noodles and a hard boiled egg with a still-runny yolk. The latter, a simpler offering of skewered pork accompanied by coconut-scented rice, outstanding house-made pickles and a sunnyside up egg.

The big change, which happened about six months ago, also significantly toned down the video game-style interior, replacing much of the glow-in-the-dark tentacles and coral murals with simple panels. "We've reclaimed the wood," joked a server during a recent visit. They've also simplified the drinks, offering an extremely appealing $2 beers, $2 shots deal to budget-minded diners. Don't worry—the Scorpion Bowls still pack their potent sting.

1045 Flushing Avenue, Bushwick, (718) 456-6543; website