A wedge-shaped parcel of land between Flushing and Forrest in Bushwick has been given a new lease on life after five years languishing between the thoroughfares. A snazzy new bar and restaurant, Forrest Point has been in soft open mode for the past few weeks, finally making its official debut on Wednesday. The brainchild of Darin Rubell—who runs 983 across the street in addition to Boulton & Watt and Ella—and his partners David Rotter and Mark Trzupek, the bar has spiffed up the former home of Flushing Farms, keeping the darling greenery and murals, milk punches and munchies.

First and foremost: the fantastic outdoor seating area, boasting room for 70 imbibers on chairs, benches and even swings and couches. We may be nearing the end of the al fresco season, but the on-site fruit trees still have their greenery, amplified by hanging ferns and quaint strings of incandescent bulbs. The design is by Emporium Design (Boulton & Watts, Blind Barber), and the Forrest Point team also enlisted Art Battles' Ben Angotti to add some dramatic murals to the facade, including a gorgeous elephant and some borough-appropriate plaid. Then there's the bright fluorescent sign perched atop the building, like a beacon drawing you in to a whimsical jungle bar.

Inside, seating for 60 more beneath birdcage lamps and an industrial, unfinished ceiling. Matching isn't high on the list of priorities here; stools of all shapes and sizes ring the perimeter, tables of varying sizes offer more places to perch. The bar doles out glasses of milk punch ($9)—a cocktail variety gaining popularity among serious cocktail dens like Midtown's Betony—as easily as it does shot-and-beer specials. The eclectic food menu spans Tuna Tartare Tacos ($12) to Chicken Fried Oysters ($14), Porchetta Sandwiches ($8) to Shwarma Style Chicken Flatbread ($11).

970 Flushing Avenue, (718) 366-2742; website

Forrest Point Cocktail Menu

Forrest Point Food Menu