Wreck Room, a nine-year-old Bushwick dive whose puke-splattered bathrooms made Mars Bar's erstwhile toilets look pristine, will shut its doors after Saturday night. In with the NY Times trend pieces, out with the car-seat booths and $5 beer-and-shot deals, it seems.

According to Bushwick Daily, the Flushing Ave spot's moving out thanks to rent-related issues. "The same old Bushwick story,” the bar manager told the website. “Landlord, new lease, rent increase….” Storefront snack shop Arancini Bros. will also be moving out.

It's sort of a bummer, even for Bushwick gentrifiers who haven't had the pleasure of locking lips with an ear gauge-sporting hipster atop one of Wreck Room's torn pool tables (hi Mom!). Before the Beacon's Closets and schmancy "upscale" lounges moved in, Wreck Room was one of the neighborhood's only bars, a haven of sorts for the beer and whiskey-guzzling crew pushed out of a Williamsburg that was just becoming pricey. Now, Bushwick's essentially overflowing with booze holes, but you still have to pour one out for the OG place that hawked Miller High Life for nothing and sold delicious rice balls just feet from a restroom that smelled like the inside of a week-old diaper.

Wreck Room's not the only dive off the Morgan stop that's getting pushed out of its home. Kings County Bar, home of the famed Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant, will be moving into the space previously occupied by short-lived "speakeasy" 1 Knickerbocker next month, also thanks to a rent increase. But like, when are we getting that mall?