For the first time in years, beloved Mexican-inspired chain Chipotle is raising prices on their delicious (if somewhat confusingly filled) burritos.

The move comes partially on the heels of the chain's decision to used more locally-sourced ingredients, and partially because of food-cost inflation (the price of avocados alone, Nation's Restaurant News explains, are getting a little out of control).

A cashier we spoke to at the Union Square Chipotle told us that yes, they had indeed raised the cost of "almost everything" on their menu by fifty cents. "Everybody noticed," the cashier said, and the reaction has been "not a good thing." While fifty cents might not sound like a lot, consider the following: a person eating one steak burrito a week under the old cost, $7.81 (not including tax), will spend $406.12 per year on steak burritos; under the new increased price that person will spend $432.12, a difference of a whopping $26! Almost as much as a weekly unlimited Metrocard! Which you definitely will need to carry you home after the delicious foil-wrapped gutbomb that is a Chipotle steak burrito.