Wherever you fall on the brunch debate, one thing cannot be denied: brunch food is god damn delicious. Especially so if said dish contains burrata, a cheese well known to be sent directly from the heavens; only angels could devise something so deliciously decadent and creamy. Gramercy's Trattoria Il Mulino has now taken this celestial gift and used it to elevate a once humble brunch dish into something transcendent. Meet the Burrata French Toast.

No, that's not ice cream perched on a buttered, battered slice of thick-cut toast, that's burrata in all its luscious glory, melting ever-so-slightly atop the pan fried bread. Joining in the decadence, a deep crimson sauce composed of blueberries and oranges, allowed to drip lasciviously from the pillowy brioche. Once pierced, the burrata ricotta interior permeates the dish, adding a touch of salinity and a whole lot of deliciousness to the eggy concoction. We'll let you take a minute, here.

If sweets aren't quite your thing, consider the restaurant's more savory options, including a Meatball Benedict topped with perfectly poached eggs; a Hangover Pizza with strips of browned bacon and a super runny fried egg; or just go full food coma with an order of Truffle Macaroni and Cheese. Did you have somewhere to be later or something? If not, consider the restaurant's $25 unlimited drink special, which includes a Barkeep's Punch, other classic brunch cocktails or Peroni beer.

36 East 20th Street, (212) 777-8448; website

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