Photos by Tien Mao/Gothamist

Five long years ago we asked Blue Marble Ice Cream owners Jennie and Alexis if they would ever make "burnt sugar" flavored ice cream, which is everywhere in Boston, but nowhere to be found in New York City. Alexis told us at the time, "Burnt sugar is one of my favorite flavors of all time! I used to live in Boston and would make regular treks across the Charles to Christina's (in Cambridge) for it. They made a great burnt sugar. We have definitely considered it, among other great flavor ideas, and hope to have it up on the menu someday soon." Well the time has come. The shop just introduced the flavor to their menu, and we tried it yesterday. Here were the reactions heard around Gothamist HQ:

icecreamscoop0513.jpg"Overwhelming at first, but definitely reminds one of ice cream's essential elements, not buried beneath mounds of sugar. Something that feels home-made about it, like something your fictional midwestern grandmother whipped up." — Max Rivlin-Nadler

"Upon first taste may seem unpleasant, aggressive—you just have to keep eating and your tastebuds will acclimate and you will enjoy it very much. Doesn't exactly taste burnt to me, lightly charred maybe! And, like all ice cream, it needed rainbow sprinkles." — Marc Yearsley

"Burnt sugar tasted bitter at first, which was a bit of a shock. But the ice cream's consistency kept a good balance between creamy and grainy, and after a while the taste grew on me." — Rebecca Fishbein

"Definitely tastes authentically burnt! Reminds me of a super strong espresso." — Jen Chung

"Creme brulee! But like, when you get one with a sort of overburnt edge and that bite only tastes awesome when you pair it with a giant scoop of the custard itself. And I thought it tasted pretty awesome with Kahlua and would probably enjoy it in a mudslide, because they are overly sweet." — Monica Schmelzer

There you have it—even if you don't like the first bite, you will be in love by the 2nd or 3rd. Blue Marble has a couple of scoop shops, just call ahead to make sure they have burnt sugar before you head out—they were nearly sold out when we picked some up yesterday.