2007_07_butterburger.jpgFor all of you that were waiting to find out which burgers would be served at Saturday's Gothamist-Serious Eats/A Hamburger Today QBQ BBQ at Water Taxi Beach, the burger menu has been finalized. The winning burgers, as determined by voters, were: the onion burger, the butter burger, and the pimento cheese burger.

Here are the descriptions of the winning burgers again:

The Onion Burger:

Popular in El Reno, Oklahoma, the Onion Burger was born of frugality. Throw a half an onion on the griddle, add to that a ball of ground beef, and smash it all together with the back of a spatula. You've essentially extended your meat by mixing in onions. The onions caramelize as they cook embedded in the beef, giving you a sweet, crusty oniony patty.

The Pimento Burger: Pimento cheese is big across the South, usually as a spread eaten on celery stalks or as a filling between two pieces of white bread. But in Columbia, South Carolina, they use it as both cheese and condiment on the burgers. Pimento cheese, for all you Yankees here in New York City, is a mixture of grated cheddar, chopped pimento, mayo, hot sauce, and black pepper. (Horseradish, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce are three common options.)

The Butter Burger:
A regional delight originating in -- where else? -- Wisconsin, the Butter Burger takes a very liberal dosing of butter after coming off the griddle. Those of you who have visited the Midwest recently may have had one at the rapidly expanding Culver's chain, where it's a specialty.

While we recommend that you try each of the burgers (what's life without variety and experimentation), you can certainly double or triple up on one and skip the others. And if you're worried that you can't finish three burgers, you could always share your ticket with a friend.

In case the burger menu wasn't tantalizing enough, did we mention that Six Apart will be sponsoring the event with a keg of OrlioCommon Ale IPA? Gothamist and Serious Eats/A Hamburger Today will also be supplying an additional keg of beer. So that's two kegs of beer and three burgers for the reasonable price of $13.50! It's such a good deal that you should purchase those tickets now! Doors open for the event at 5 p.m. and we recommend getting there early (we could run out of beer, after all). Check out our first post for all the details about the event (location, directions, etc).

Don't forget to bring your government issued ID for admission on Saturday, because you have to be 21+ or with your legal guardian for admission (they're serious about this). And unrelated to the QBQ BBQ, Grandmaster Flash will be spinning at Water Taxi Beach at 8 p.m. following the BBQ. So you can eat, drink, and then catch Grandmaster Flash? Sounds like a perfect Saturday.