burgercupcakesign.jpgOn Friday A Hamburger Today and Cupcakes Take The Cake joined forces to take over a particularly niche spot, Burgers & Cupcakes. On a particularly unappealing stretch of Ninth Avenue (our closest landmark is B & H Camera) the restaurant is bright, colorful and more than a little kitsch-y. The staff remained bubbly, gracious and seemingly undaunted as the groups and their readers took all eighty seats hungry.

burgerandcupcakeburger.jpgThe burgers, available in veggie and salmon as well as sirloin, are all yours to customize with $1 extras (five kinds of cheese, etc.). Ours was good, juicy and delicious, served with pickle in a wicker-ish basket, even if something was lost in translation between us and the grill (we have many of the same small issues Frank Bruni did, like asking for a medium rare burger and getting something at least medium). Fries do not come with the burgers but a whole plate of the plain ones are $2 and vegetarian chili fries are $4. Our table tried both, and while the fries were passable, we weren't bowled over and the chili fries didn't us convince us that meatless chili is ever a good idea. But we still had room for cupcakes, huge, $2, and taunting us since we walked in (we saw some tables order backwards). Our table's favorite was the classic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, moist, delicious and just the right amount of sweet. The chocolate with chocolate frosting was a little much, too much thick, sticky frosting and much too dry.

Burgers & Cupcakes
458 Ninth Avenue at 36th Street
(212) 643-1200

Photos by Brian Van.