Did you know that Burger King is the #3 burger chain in the country, with McDonald's and Wendy's both surpassing its success? To fight its way back to the top, the fast food supplier has been offering delivery services at some of their stores, because they obviously have a perfect understanding of their demo. Now they've started rolling out the service in New York City—according to their current list six stores are already delivering, and seven more are set to start delivering soon, all in Brooklyn and Queens.

Their press release states there will be a minimum order of $10, and delivery hours will be between 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.—meaning you will not be able to get breakfast items. You also won't be able to order in fountain beverages, shakes, soft serve desserts, or coffee.

Bonus? Signing up for the delivery service automatically enrolls you in the BK™ Loyalty Program, where you will receive a free sandwich after every fourth order, and a complimentary etching of a WHOPPER® on your tombstone. [via Business Insider]