The Gold Digger @ Buddha Bar.
0807goldolives.jpgThe Meatpacking District's Buddha Bar is the latest to jump on the novelty drink bandwagon. They say this "very special summer cocktail" is just for the ladies...which could be taken as an insult considering it's called the Gold Digger. Before the sparkle is added, here's what you get:

2 oz Zuidam Gin
½ oz. Dry Vermouth
Served in a martini glass

What makes the cocktail worth your (or presumably, some investment banker's) hard earned 50 bucks? Gold of course! It's the...gold standard of novelty menu items. This one, more specifically, promises "gold-wrapped olives and a golden spear designed by Rick Toscano." Though the photo seems to show flakes and a glorified wooden toothpick. Dare we say the same result could come from a bottle of Goldschläger?

Imbibers that are okay with ordering the unfortunately-named drink might even consider enjoying one with a gold Twinkie for the ultimate in decadent wining and dining.