prosecco%20web.jpgSummer's around the corner and the party invitations are beginning to roll in. If you want to get invited back to their share on the shore, the key is bringing a great hostess gift (and not puking off the balcony). You don’t need to deplete your bank account to make a good impression; in fact for only $20 bucks we found the perfect gift.

The “IL” Party To-Go kit (around $19.99) contains two 750 ml. bottles of “IL” Prosecco, six plastic flute glasses and comes in a fun orange bucket that can conveniently be filled with ice. This Prosecco is crisp and refreshing with notes of pear, apple and citrus. It’s the perfect drink to sip while mooching off of your friend’s generosity.

This kit shouldn’t be too difficult to find locally and we’ve listed a few retailers (below) that will begin to carry them starting this week. Re-gifting that bottle of white zinfandel that’s been sitting on top of your refrigerator all winter is not just poor manners, but downright cruel. Come on, your mom taught you better than that.

Gotham Wines & Liquors, 2517 Broadway

Garnet Wines & Liquors, 929 Lexington Ave

Windsor Court Wine Shop, 474 3rd Ave

Winfield-Flynn Ltd Wines & Spirits, 558 3rd Ave

86th Street Wine & Liquor, 306 E 86TH St

Spring Street Wine Shop,187 Spring St