Longtime Tribeca pie hawker Bubby's has apparently been pissing off some sensitive types in the neighborhood who find the smell outside of the restaurant nothing short of repulsive. And they're not going to take it anymore!

"They’ve been clearing their trash in a way that smears the stuff all over the sidewalk and street. Then they clean it with bleach and smear the smell further and further. It smells like a slaughterhouse on the south side of N. Moore Street," complained one resident, who took it upon him or herself to print out the flyers you see above. Owner Ron Silver blamed the stink on the garbage truck, which "leaks liquid out into the street when it compresses our garbage." He says they're storing their trash in rubber totes to avoid leakage, and that they're "battling the best we can on our own." This is almost as bad as that putrid puddle that was hanging out on West 33rd St a while back!

Earlier this month, the Bubby's in Dumbo was shuttered by the DOH due to flies and roaches, and in 2007, the Tribeca Bubby's was shut down thanks to a "biblical swarm" of roaches. But perhaps the biggest issue that Silver has to contend with right now is customer complaints about the food, of all things; like this one, from Citizen commentor Tania: "I just wanted to say how disappointed I was with the quality of the food at Bubby’s lately. I had dinner and lunch there very recently, and both times I left feeling completely robbed," which is the sort of complaint that not even a Lysol-lined sidewalk can fix.