No doubt this week's unseasonably warm weather is wreaking havoc once again on Bryant Park's seasonal skating rink, but if you're disappointed with a soupy skating experience, at least there's plenty of food to serve as a distraction with the reopening of the locale's pop-up market. The (deep breath) Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park reopened yesterday, with a dedicated food market called "Feast on 40th" on the park's south side.

Curated by market and street fair vets Urbanspace, the market holds over 30 different food purveyors selling comfort food and replenishment. On night one, photographer Clay Williams reports that Ramen Bar by Chingu was a popular draw, selling steaming bowls of noodle soups in Spicy Pork and Bulgogi flavors. But Williams was particularly enamored of Baked Cheese Haus, offering a raclette service where they'll melt the gooey cheese over things like cured ham or simply on a slice of ciabatta.

Other enticing options are Cretzels (croissant-pretzel hybrids) from Breads Bakery, chicken in a cone from Chick'n Cone, plump pierogi and bowls of borscht from Veselka's Borscht Bar, inventive ringed pastry from Doughnut Project, plus Perros y Vainas, a Venezuelan hot dog stand that tops their dogs with things like corn and potato sticks, and Coney Shack, who are straight up lighting their dogs on fire.

Also new to the scene: a restaurant by Danny Meyer. The restaurateur introduced the Public Fare cafe on the north side of the bar, offering coffee during the day and alcohol in the evening.