One of the great pleasures of New York in the summer, once you get past the smell of hot trash, are the outdoor movie screenings in Bryant Park. And while booze is not technically legal in the park, we (and countless others) have a few tried-and-true tricks to getting sloshed al fresco (waterbottles, anyone?). And anyway, it's never really seemed like that big a deal, at least according to Bloomberg. But this summer you might be allowed to let your drunk flag fly legally!

Bryant Park officials are reportedly considering officially giving wine and beer the go-ahead during their Summer Film Festival. There have been some issues with vendors trying to sell beer in Bryant Park in the past, though security at the screenings "typically turn a blind eye to alcohol during movie night checks." We knew we didn't need that edible alcohol, after all.

Plus, one of the reasons officials are considering the movie is because "We've never had any problems with the crowds. It's not going to change the drinking. The drinking already happens," said Bryant Park Corporation VP Jerome Barth. So true! Anyhow, it's unclear at the moment whether the park would start selling wine and beer or implement a "BYO" policy, but we are kind of hoping for the latter. That way, we can avoid spending $12 on a Bud Light and bring in the classy stuff, instead.