New York Times food columnist Frank Bruni has joined the ranks of the bloggerati with Diner's Journal. Bruni describes the purpose of the new site, which will replace his weekly column of the same name:

This new blog is an attempt to capture and share more of my notes from the field. To provide, in something closer to real time, a sense of what’s being served in the city’s newest, oldest, most delightful and most frustrating restaurants and of how those restaurants are serving it. To flag trends and, less often and more selectively, flog underachievers. To report moments of real significance and incidents that just happened to be interesting. To keep a journal, and to keep the tone of that journal light, casual, accessible.

Ah yes, to flag and to flog. Now that sounds like Bruni-speak. Interestingly, there will be comments, but it looks like they'll be moderated (damn), and there's a related Podcast. Our next question is, will The Bruni Digest be able to keep up? With so much new fodder, we certainly hope so. And our next, next question: Will Amanda Hesser be blogging soon?