In a feature that can only be described as "why Gothamist is so hungry so early, Fast Food nation be damned," the NY Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni went on a 9 day, 3,650 mile tour of fast food restaurants across the country, enjoying some selections more than others and learning to ask for the "most popular" items, instead of "recommendations." And he also muses about some chains that need some more exposure in the city:

I expected Chick-fil-A to be good. It didn't disappoint. Its standard chicken sandwich, a lightly coated breast fillet with little adornment, was meaty and tender, and the bun cradling it couldn't have been fluffier. We need more Chick-fil-A in New York City. (There's just one branch, at New York University.) We need it fast.

We need Dairy Queen even faster. Among all the incarnations of candy-studded soft ice cream I tried, including the McFlurry, the Frosty and the Sonic Blast, the Blizzard reigned supreme. It had the most candy most thoroughly integrated into the most sumptuous frozen cradle.

This was true of the Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard. Of the Brownie Batter Blizzard. Check back with me in a year or two about the other Blizzards — I hope to work my way through all of them. If my obituary reads, "perished in a Blizzard," you will know that I died a happy man.

Hmm, we bet some poorly reviewed restaurateurs are wondering how they can get a Blizzard machine stat. And this is a cry for more attention from his doctor or for this "do it upside down" Blizzard t-shirt from Dairy Queen. But we must agree - we would love some DQ Blizzards nearby, as well as Sonic Burger and In-n-Out Burger, though many would balk about another fast food joint moving into their neighborhoods.

Bruni listed his 10 favorite foods - we're curious about: Taco Cabana's Burrito Ultimo and Culver's frozen custard. Are there any fast food joints he should have visited?