2008_08_lunchbags.jpgMore budget and waistline conscious New Yorkers around the city are packing lunches at least a few times a week. Aside from sporting a Spongebob Squarepants lunch box or re-using shopping bags, there are plenty of stylish and eco-friendly options out there.

Restaurant mogul Mario Batali just launched his own line of lunch totes (is there anything that man doesn't have his hands in?!), ranging from mini-totes to messenger bags, depending on your style and your appetite. All are insulated to keep your lunch hot or cold. [via The Food Section, pictured].

The Daily News has a variety of options, including BuiltNY's nifty Tortuga Lunch tote, that folds flat when empty. In addition to totes, there are reusable containers galore, some of which come with their own systems, like Lunch Sense and Laptop Lunches -- these are clearly for the more advanced lunch-packers among us. If you pack your own, how do you carry your lunch?