Brooks Brothers is more than just a store. It's a lifestyle. Purchasing a $1,200 Madison Fit Wool Sharkskin suit from the luxe men's retailer conveys a sense of taste and sophistication that both Patrick Bateman and Mayor Bloomberg applaud. But where do you wear your new suit once the tailoring is done and the second French cuff link has been secured? Why, to the Brooks Brothers steakhouse, of course.

The restaurant, dubbed "Makers and Merchants," will take over a three story, 15,000-square-foot space just around the corner from the Brooks Brothers' Madison Avenue flagship store, the Post reports. The space, which is currently vacant, is slated to open sometime in summer of 2014, but it does have a lot of work to do before then: No work has been filed with the Department of Buildings, nor have the retailers applied for a liquor license.

No matter. Just imagining the dainty filet mignons outfitted in pint-sized herringbone double-satin striped ties and napkins made from the legs of last year's pleated dress chinos is plenty for now. We can't wait until they start producing their own business cards.