Jalapa Jar, the salsa company turned breakfast taco hawkers, are ready to make their big debut tomorrow morning. The Jalapa Jar Breakfast Bar begins their full-time occupation in the arcade underneath the St. George Hotel and Clark Street subway 2/3 station just in time for the morning commute at 7 a.m.

The thrust of the operation, run out of a 120-square-foot space, will be the four core breakfast tacos, though guests are also welcome to design their own. Meat eaters can devour a Bacon, Egg & Cheese version or another with Chorizo, Bean & Cheese. The two vegetarian options are the Avocado, Bean & Cheese and Spinach & Feta. Two tacos'll set you back $7, which is Good and Reasonable because they are quite large.

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Borough Pie—owners Tommy Byrnes and Steve Smith's riff on a Frito Pie—is one of the non-taco options, along with a Chickpea and Spinach salad dressed with the crew's proprietary salsas. There'll also be sides of chips with salsa, guacamole or Texas Queso; Sweet Stix, spicy mashed plantains wrapped in a tortilla, glazed in maple syrup and sugar and fried; and cold and hot coffee brewed with beans from Summer Moon, a coffee shop in Austin.

The stand will be Monday to Friday to start and the crew will continue their Saturday and Sunday Smorgasburg setups for the time being. They'll be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for now, with some later hours in the pipeline later this fall.

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