Bridges Alive

From April 18 through April 22, Brooklyn will have its own restaurant week with 3-course meals priced at $18.98, a nod to 1898, the year Brooklyn joined Manhattan. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said of the 93 restaurants (from 20 neighborhoods) participating, "Trust me, when any of these restaurants see me coming in they have a smile on their face - and that's not because I'm the borough president, if you know what I mean." He also said that the restaurant week was created because many Brooklyn restaurants don't participate in the city's Restaurant Week, although many people come to Brooklyn specifically for the food.

Take a look at the list of restaurants - they include some of Gothamist's favorites, like Cucina, 12th Street Bar & Grill and Blue Ribbon in Park Slope, Williamburg's Planet Thailand, Fort Greene's Thomas Beisl , and Patois on Smith Street, and some ones we'd like to try, like 360 in Red Hook. Note for deal-hunters - Peter Luger's and River Cafe are not participating, because of the cost of their ingredients; look out for the River Cafe during NYC Restaurant Week.