Part of living in a city with a respectable number of tolerant, non-discriminating establishments is learning how to say goodbye to them. The Starlite Lounge, a somewhat incongruously-located gay bar, has been a fixture in Crown Heights since the 1960s. After months of rumors, its closure was confirmed by Brownstoner, with the bar's last day set at July 31st.

After the building came under new ownership at the end of last year, many feared the lounge was doomed to eviction. In a disregard of its indelible mark on Brooklyn's gay history, Starlite was later denied landmark status, its last hope to avoid shuttering its doors.

Publicist Timothy Yates told the Times earlier this year, "It's a place I can come and not be bothered by homophobic people,” and an ex-manager explains that the lounge's appeal lay in the fact it was a safe place for all, not just gays. A letter on The Starlite Lounge website mentions both "plans for a fresh, new beginning for The Starlite Lounge" and a "pajama party finale," suggesting this closure may just be a power nap for a fabulous new beginning.