Like monocles before it, another retro trend from our forefathers is making a splash with the Brooklyn set. A colonial drink called Switchel, apparently enjoyed by farmers during harvest season, has been heralded as the "borough's hottest beverage," by Modern Farmer, with the Times equally enchanted by the throwback drink. You know what else people in Colonial times did? Ate so much corn their teeth fell out. Get the look!

A company called Up Mountain Switchel—which began in Vermont but has since migrated to Bushwick—is the current source of the hubbub. Like mayonnaise entrepreneurs before them, friends and co-founders Ely Key and Garrett Riffle have settled in the Borough of Artisanal Dreams, bringing their somewhat medicinal concoction to New York palates. The drink, made with Vermont maple syrup, raw organic apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger root, boasts detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, an important factor to the juicing hordes. Naturally, it's sold in Mason Jars.

"Are You Cool Enough to Drink Switchel?" questions Modern Farmer's headline. Find out by picking up a jar, stand on Troutman and Wyckoff and wait for a Styles editor to snap your photo. We'll be around the corner chugging ginger ale.