Apparently it only takes about two months to go from opening a niche restaurant that's an instant viral hit to planning an expansion into a fast-casual chain. Avocaderia, the "world's first" avocado bar, only opened back in April, but ownership already has plans to open another location in Manhattan, with an eye towards turning the avocado-only concept into a replicable one with more than just two locations.

Founder Francesco Brachetti spoke with QSR Magazine—an industry publication for restaurants—about their quick success and how it's motivating him and his business partners to scout out locations outside of their initial Industry City home.

“If you can prove your concept here, you can do it anywhere,” he says, acknowledging that he hopes Avocaderia’s first location, which he believes is the world’s first avocado-only café, will be the incubator for a fast-casual chain.

There's precedent for his confidence: the restaurant opened with just two employees and has now expanded to a dozen to staff the small cafe, which blows through 650 pounds of avocados per week. "It ran out of avocados on the first day. On Memorial Day weekend, 1,000 hungry customers swarmed the restaurant," QSR reports. "A video went viral and increased business by 80 percent."

[h/t Eater NY]