DUMBO denizens have another place to get their caffeine fix now that the Brooklyn Roasting Company has joined NYC's fastidious coffee craze. Run by former Brooklyn Brewery partner Jim Munson and his partners Michael Pollack and Rob Herschenfeld, BRC's mission is to serve the best quality, sustainable coffees to New York City. "We want coffee that tastes great and does good," says Munson. "I came to feel pretty strongly about the idea that this company could kill two birds with one stone: offer the very best quality coffees and help the farmers who are in a tough situation." BRC sources their coffee from farmers in South America, Asia and Africa, making sure that the product is fairly traded and organic—and the owners hope to educate New Yorkers about the places and people who produce their coffee.

The Brooklyn location of the BRC is of particular importance to Munson, both for its history (the building is the former stables for Aroiosa Arbuckle Coffee) and its identification with Brooklyn. "We think that NYC deserves its own great coffee company...with a twist. We have a distinct Brooklyn personality and we like to think that we're pursuing the same kind of stratospheric excellence while maintaining a down-to-earth attitude." The Company is already servicing local Brooklyn establishments like Dumont, Dressler and Egg, and you can find their roast on the East River Ferry.

The friendly and knowledgeable baristas at their headquarters are happy to recommend a beverage and chat you up while they brew your drink. On our visit we sampled both a delicious and beautifully prepared latte and also a iced Americano made with "Iris," one of their custom blended espressos: a combination of Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopian beans named for Munson's daughter. Other creations include the iced maple latte called Shay Shay ("sweet and powerful with a lasting impression"), the BQE ("always under construction") and Mextasy, part of an ongoing collaboration with other local roasters using all Mexican beans. Treats to accompany your coffee will be available in the coming weeks but stop by right now for free snack samples from Dough, Margot Patisserie Cafe and Champs Family Bakery (for the vegan set).