The world has finally caught on to what we've been saying for years: Juliana's makes a damn fine pie. The DUMBO pizzeria was just awarded the #1 slot in a ranking of the Top U.S. Pizza Restaurants by TripAdvisor, the user generated travel site, beating out many other NYC institutions to take the title. Nearby Grimaldi's—the pizzeria founded by Juliana's owner Patsy Grimaldi in 1990 then sold—didn't even make the list. Ouch.

The site mentions Juliana's special coal oven and one user praised the "perfect crust, great tomatoes, delicious mozzarella and toppings galore" as reason to laud the celebrated restaurant. Gothamist staffers were nearly unanimous in their verdict that Juliana's trumped Grimaldi's in nearly every category (save price); "I think I want to eat more Juliana's because it's so good—it's like Lays, but you can't eat just three," Jen Chung said at the time.

So what does the restaurant think of the honor? "Frankly, we were quite surprised!" Juliana's co-founder and partner Matt Grogan told us via email. "There are a lot of terrific pizza places out there. Luckily for us, we've enjoyed some great success with TripAdvisor. People really seem to take the time to write detailed descriptions of their experience. And, of course, it feels really great to get the recognition. Patsy and I are very fortunate to have an excellent team working very hard each and every day to try and put the best pizza we can on every plate and give our guests a great experience."

Juliana's wasn't the only NYC pizzeria to rank on the list, though they obviously missed some of the heavy hitters (no DiFara?) on the scene. West Village's Keste ranked a respectable 4th for its tasty Neapolitan pies and Bleeker Street stalwart John's Pizzeria finished up the list at #10; New Haven's Frank Pepe's also made the cut. We take umbrage with an apricot sauce, cream cheese, carrots and chicken "pizza" from Alaska holding a top position at #3, but thankfully the hive mind saw Chicago deep dish for what it really is and left that soupy goopey nonsense off the list entirely.