Since it opened last summer, the Neapolitan pizza joint Forcella has quickly won itself a strong following in Williamsburg (helped by the fact that neighboring top dog Motorino had to close) and now it has brought its pies to an outpost in Manhattan. Like Motorino, Forcella has turned to the East Village for its second stop, in its case installing a fancy mosaic-covered, wood-fired, imported Italian oven into an old tattoo parlor on the Bowery, two blocks north from Pulino's. Luckily, the pizza is as good in Manhattan as it is in Kings County.

The menu at the new Forcella is pretty much the same as the one in Brooklyn and is available for lunch and dinner (no word on when they'll add brunch). That means beyond the standard margherita pies they've also got their fried pies (one, the $10 Montanara, which is fried and then baked and another, the $14 Ripieno, which is more like a fried calzone) and their specialty pies—like the impossible-to-stop-eating Vomero, a $16 white pie topped with ham, cream, corn and ricotta. Not to mention the dessert pies, like the $10 Pizza Alla Nutella (yup, pizza stuffed with Nutella) which puts the nutella calzone they occassional serve at Gemma across the street to shame.

As for the decor, if you've been to some of the other Bowery newcomers over the past few years (specifically Hecho En Dumbo two blocks north) it should look very familiar with brick walls, unadorned tables and tin ceilings. The star here, as in Williamsburg, is clearly the gorgeous imported oven, which can boast temperatures around 1,000°, but the chandeliers look purty, too.

And yes, they will be offering delivery (you can see their delivery map here).

334 Bowery // 212-466-3300